5 Jax Teller Style Tips (Sons of Anarchy)

You can admit it.

If you’ve ever watched the Sons of Anarchy series, you’ve certainly thought —if for a moment—to drop everything and join a biker gang.

I don’t blame you. Seeing the series, the proposal seems seductive…

jax teller sons of anarchy sons of anarchy old siller style

After all, Jax Teller and the Sons ride on their Harleys from there to here, do what they want, and still break hearts on the way.

Part of the appeal of the series lies in the bad boy look of the gang members. A strong, masculine and intimidating look.

But you don’t need to buy a motorcycle, tattoo your back and commit crimes to use some of the Children of Anarchy’s style tips.

Read them all below and you’ll be able to borrow some very good macetes.

And best of all, without worrying about any retaliation involving blowtorches. Anyone who watched knows what I’m talking about.

jax teller sons of anarchy sons of anarchy old siller style

Heavy accessories
A stand-out biker won’t be seen around wearing delicate parts.

In the case of Jax and the Sons of Anarchy, the favorite accessories are large rings, wide belt buckles and thick wallet chains.

jax teller sons of anarchy filhos da anarquia old siller estilo clay morrow

Nada de acessórios com contas, couro ou tecido. As joias favoritas dos membros da SAMCRO são todas feitas em ouro e prata.

O visual “signature”
A aparência dos membros da gangue é marcada, obviamente, pelo colete com o emblema do clube.

Ele mostra quem seu dono é, sua patente e posição na associação.

jax teller sons of anarchy sons of anarchy old siller style

jax teller sons of anarchy sons of anarchy old siller style

Obviously wearing a gang vest is not an option for most of us. Well, I hope so.

But this principle, of a “signature” look, sinõnimo of you, may well be used!

It can be a haircut, a characteristic piece, a unique accessory.

Paul Newman had his Rolex Daytona. Steve McQueen his pair of Persol glasses.

paul newman with rolex daytona
Paul Newman wearing his Rolex Daytona Paul Newman (reference 6239)
steve mcqueen oculos persol

In fiction, the damn Peaky Blinder Tommy Shelby it has its cut scraped sides and elegant costume.

At SAMCRO, Bobby has that long, bulky hair. Clay always uses his classic Rolex Daydate gold.

bobby sons of anarchy sons of anarchy hair

jax teller sons of anarchy sons of anarchy old siller style clay morrow

Jax, in addition to the plaid shirt, also has two pieces in particular very striking. Read below.

Long necklace
OR long necklace jax is composed of a gold ball chain and a pendant well… different: a rifle projectile.

jax teller sons of anarchy sons of anarchy paste old siller style

Its jewelry help tell your story. And Jax’s pendant choice is all about his.

After all, the Sons are arms smugglers. Jax carries the work on his chest.

Part of the appeal of your necklace —beyond the pendant—is the length.

Hit the size and style of a necklace it’s not always easy.

Jax’s chain appears to be 80cm or even more, and matches the rest of the character’s look. Loose, unpretentious, half-dumped.

One current long is a good option for those who enjoy a more relaxed look, and blends well with more robust or heavy pendants, such as our Bull, Horn and Big Cross.

silver necklace bull old siller cranio bull

silver horn necklace old siller horn

silver necklace cross big big crucifix

The right glasses
A pair of suitable sunglasses makes a difference in anyone’s life.

But they’re even more important if you’re an outlaw biker.

Hey — criminals also need to protect their eyes. Better yet if they stay cool doing this.

Each of the Sons of Anarchy wears glasses with particular designs. The most characteristic are those of Jax.

jax teller sons of anarchy sons of anarchy old siller style-15

He uses a small frame and a very popular brand among American motorcyclists, the KD.

Cheap, sturdy, cool, and most importantly: they fit under a helmet.

White sneakers
As we’ve seen, the Style of the Son of Anarchy is heavy.

Dark, robust, very masculine.

Come to think of it, nothing would make more sense at the protagonist’s feet than a pair of boots, right?

Well, in the best Jax style, your choice of footwear is very unlikely: white sneakers. More precisely, Nike’s Air Forces.

tennis shoe nike air force jax teller sons of anarchy

According to series creator Kurt Sutter, veterans of clubs like SAMCRO often dress for comfort. They’re sinister and everyone knows—they don’t have to keep proving it in every way.

Charlie Hunnam himself, who gives Jax life, said the white sneakers were based on a real guy he met studying the California motorcycle club scene.

In the series, this choice also paints the character with different paint. His choice of shoe is unique, and he is clearly part of a new generation.

tennis shoe nike air force jax teller sons of anarchy

White sneakers are also a good way to create contrast and “break the expectation” of Jax’s look. Something that also works great in real life!

The style of the Sons of Anarchy is arguably irate.

So much so that every once in a while, it’s normal to want to buy a Harley and go around.

sounds of anarchy jax teller sons of anarchy style aneis

These tips won’t turn you into a biker or arms smuggler, but you can be sure they’ll help build a f*** look!

Bet on signature pieces and striking, heavy jewelry, find the right glasses for your face and wear—and break expectations with a pair of white sneakers. That’s our recipe!

Are you a jax teller style fan? Comment below!

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