Indischen Fashion Jewellery Affiliate Programs

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Why Partner With Indischen?
Over 150,000 people worldwide choose Indischen to buy fashion jewellery.

We give you all the tools you need to promote our fashion and imitation jewelry on your website and earn high commissions.

What You’ll Get as an Affiliate ?

Up-to 10% For Every Conversion

Earn money with our 5-10 % commissions on all sales! This is among the highest payouts in the industry, and we offer flexible payment options to suit your needs.

Unlimited Referrals

There is no limit to your earning potential – every time a ring is sold from one of your referrals, you get paid!

45-Days Cookie

We track your referrals using a 45-day cookie, allowing us to track activity beyond the initial visit. This ensures you are rewarded for every sale you drive.


Fees and commissions are paid monthly. Payments are net of any customer returns, all shipping and handling fees, and taxes and duties.

Intuitive Dashboard

Our easy-to-use dashboard makes managing your progress a breeze, with customizable reports, payment tracking, details statistics and more.