Destination Wedding Photographers. 24 places to visit in Australia so beautiful you won’t believe it

What do you imagine when you think of places to visit in Australia? Kangaroos, beaches and accent with a different English? Well, yes, Australia has its fair share of kangaroos, but this huge chunk of Oceania offers a lot more than that! We’re talking awesome mountains, epic road trips, huge national parks, beautiful waterfalls… The list of fascinating places is not over. We’ve put together some Australian travel bloggers to pick up their tips on what to do in Australia – and you can be sure that whatever you’re looking for on your trip, Australia will have, and more.

Read on to find out the 24 best places to visit in Australia.

  1. New South Wales (NSW)
  2. Victoria
  3. Queensland
  4. Northern Territory
  5. Western Australia
  6. Tasmania
  7. South Australia

The best places to visit in New South Wales

Blue Mountains

If you are looking for a good dose of nature, Blue Mountains is perfect for you. Just an hour and a half from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, the place can be known on a day trip or on a weekend getaway, depending on your travel time. Try to secure a visit to Wentworth Falls. This place offers trails of different levels of difficulties with impressive waterfalls, and is within walking distance of the main tourist spot of the region – The Three Sisters, famous rock formation that is the highlight of this picturesque region, worthy of postcards.

For an epic view of the place, you can go to Echo Point or catch the scenic world gondola. While you’re there, don’t miss the Scenic Railway – the steepest passenger train track in the world! Last but not least, Lincoln’s Rock is mandatory. Overlooking Australia’s vast landscape and a small secret cave perfect for watching the sunset, it’s the best way to close the day.


Bathurst é um dos meus lugares preferidos para visitar na Austrália por muitos motivos. Um deles é que meus primos têm fazendas na região, então eles me receberam lá algumas vezes e me apresentaram o mundo dos mercados de gado, uma real novidade para quem cresceu em cidade grande. A outra razão pela qual eu amo Bathurst é porque o lugar, muitas vezes, é negligenciado pelos turistas, apesar de oferecer muita coisa legal. É a cidade mais antiga do interior da Austrália e onde começou a corrida do outro australiana.

Visite o Tiranossauro Rex no Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum (Museu Australiano de Fósseis e Minerais) e dê uma volta no famoso circuito Mount Panorama. Ou simplesmente pegue uma xícara de café do Campos, dê uma volta pelo Machattie Park e veja a placa comemorativa da visita de Charles Darwin em 1836. Para um ótimo passeio de um dia na região de Bathurst, confira a cidade Sofala, da época da corrida do ouro (parece uma cidade fantasma e tem uma livraria ótima) ou vá até as cavernas Jenolan para uma beleza natural em calcário.


Sydney é a maior cidade da Austrália, cheia de belas praias, atividades divertidas e ótima comida. Um dos melhores jeitos de ver a beleza de Sydney é dando um passeio relaxado com uma ótima caminhada. A melhor é o percurso entre Bondi Beach e Coogee Beach, com vistas lindas das famosas praias rochosas da região, com direito a praias menores e praias de areia fina e branquinha. Outra caminhada popular é ao longo da ponte Sydney Harbour Bridge. Duas opções gratuitas do que fazer na Austrália e uma ótima maneira de curtir Sydney.

We love to get to the heights and see the cities from above. In Sydney, the best alternative to this is to do the Skywalk at Sydney Tower. At 268 meters high, it is certain that your heart will get faster. As it has seat belts and safety belts, it’s not (so) scary! And finally, a must in Sydney is to eat as much food as you can handle. Try Golden Gaytime fried ice cream from What The Fudge Cafe. You won’t regret it!

Byron Bay

Byron is one of Australia’s most popular destinations, but if you’re willing to make a bit of effort, you can still find some more hidden places further back in the Hinterland Mountains. From countless waterfalls and places to swim to stunning mountains for you to trail, this small region hides incredible beauty. I suggest starting with the lower part of Minyon Waterfall for swimming, climbing to the top of Mt Warning for a wonderful sunrise, swimming a little further into killin waterfall and then climbing to the Natural Arch. That’s just some of the most affordable things, but there’s a lot more if you’re willing to explore.

Best places to visit in Victoria


Melbourne has secured its place as the world’s most liveable city for the seventh time in a row. Most days have a very varied climate – hail, sun, rain, wind – but that doesn’t stop one of Australia’s major cities from being very well used. At any time of the year you will find events, exhibitions or music shows to enjoy. You also have free access to the trams that run around the city, so you don’t have to spend a penny on transportation. Melbourne is a multicultural metropolis with many delicious restaurants and several cafes to help keep caffeine levels high – ah, yes, Melbourne’s coffee is one of the best in the world.

Great Ocean Road

Lorne is a popular spot along the Great Ocean Road (and on the way to the Twelve Apostles). It is the perfect place to relax facing the beach, maybe catch some waves, eat the best fish with fries and enjoy the scenery. Jack’s a surfer, and he loves to throw himself on the beaches of the Great Ocean Road to catch the wave. But the trip is not complete without a stop in Lorne for a classic meal “Parma and Pot” – meat or chicken parmegiana with a beer, after surfing. Lorne also has some beautiful walks and waterfalls to explore, such as Erskine Falls and Phantom Falls. My favorite show, if you’re there at the right time, is to see some whales swimming at sunset. Grab a wine at a beachfront restaurant and enjoy the serenity of the place in this beautiful australian landscape.

Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula is located southeast of Melbourne, just an hour’s drive from the city. A great day-long tour option to do in Australia, for decades the city has served as a resting place for Victoria’s residents, especially Melbourne. Mornington Peninsula has a lot to offer its visitors – beaches, national parks, wonderful views, relaxing spas, wineries, golf courses, natural mazes and more. This plethora of activities and within walking distance of a larger city make the place a popular destination on Australia’s national holidays and long weekends such as Queen’s Day, Christmas, New Year and other dates. Trying a Pinot Noir while in the region is mandatory.

Best places to visit in Queensland

Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast has to be one of the most fascinating places in Australia, with beautiful and extensive white sand beaches lined with eco-friendly cafes and cool shops. When you’re not sunbathing on one of its many beaches, you can go inland for a day of mountain walks or go off the tourist path to discover secluded dive spots and waterfalls without a living soul nearby. Noosa National Park and its fairytale scenarios are absolutely mandatory, just avoid the crowds in the middle of the day.


Brisbane is my hometown and the place where I intend to stay for a long time. Why is that? Because there’s everything here! Unlike other australian tourist places like Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane offers all the advantages for a much lower cost of living. At the top of my list of best places to visit is Southbank, queensland’s home of performing arts and culture, with bars and restaurants facing the river. Southbank also has Australia’s only indoor beach, a man-made artificial wonder that takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city with an oasis of sand and crystal clear waters.

West End is another region I recommend, with its hipster vibe, delicious cafes and street markets that shop for hours. If you want to see the city from above, head to Mt Coot-tha for incredible 360- degree views of Brisbane and the surrounding area. I also recommend climbing the Brisbane Story Bridge for a different sightseeing tour, as the stunning look and adrenaline rush are worth it.

Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a destination that has it all, you can head straight to the Gold Coast! With some of Australia’s best beaches and scenery, Gold Coast is my right destination during the hottest summer months. If you don’t like to rest on soft sandy beaches or swim in the crystal clear ocean, the inland of the region is within walking distance by car from the beaches and has some of Queensland’s most impressive trails and visuals.

My favorite part of the Gold Coast is its vibe that blends tranquility and excitement, with locals and tourists enjoying the beach town atmosphere during the day, and then enjoy the parties that come up as soon as the sun sets. If you are planning to visit Gold Coast, my personal recommendations for the best places to visit are Burleigh Heads Beach and Lamington National Park.

Airlie Beach/Whitsundays

Airlie Beach is a place to visit in Australia ideal for anyone who wants a bit of everything. You can embark on an adventure on the Great Barrier Reef, sail to the Whitsundays, eat some of the freshest seafood possible and hike along some of Australia’s most beautiful coastal routes. Oh, and did I mention the open beer garden space?

Airlie Beach is a great meeting point for backpackers in search of adventure, and here we have a lot of fun in all kinds of nautical adventures. We even peeled our own coconuts and played with turkeys and wallabys on the island. The place is also known for its artificial pond, a great place to have a drink on the water’s edge.


Growing up, I’ve always heard other Australians say that Noosa was the coastal destination of dreams. Being from a country town, I didn’t quite understand what they meant, until I finally met the place a few years ago and fell in love. Unlike many other tourist spots on the coast, Noosa is not full of skyscrapers and huge shopping centers. In fact, local laws don’t allow anyone to build buildings taller than trees, ensuring that this subtropical city maintains its beautiful and delightful coastal city vibe – while still an incredibly popular place for visitors.

The main beach can be well filled with bathers, so I recommend a walk through Noosa National Park to its beautiful deserted pieces of sand. A 45-minute walk along the Tanglewood Track takes you to Alexandria Bay, where the little translucent fish that swim in the shallow waters (and some occasional nudist) are your only companion. Absolute paradise.

Atherton Tablelands

Think fascinating places with waterfalls that no longer end, verdant hills dotted with dairy cows and rustic family restaurants. Just a few hours’ drive from Cairns, Atherton Tablelands is the perfect getaway for a few days in the countryside, whether it’s a day trip or a weekend trip. The best way to see Tablelands is to get in a car, pick up a map of the region and drive. The Elinjja Falls, Millaa Millaa Falls and Zillie Falls waterfall circuit is a must, and if you’re there on the last Saturday of the month, take the opportunity to visit the Yungaburra markets.


Palm-fringed beaches, a 90% chance of sunshine and warm temperatures all year round, you need to get to know Townsville when you’re taking a trip around North Queensland. Walk along the beachfront and learn about the rich history of World War II or take a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and dive into the remains of the S.S. Yongala ship – it’s one of the best dives in the world. And not for there, the city has an amazing nightlife, delicious cuisine and easy access to the wonderful Magnetic Island. If you plan your trip well, you will have the chance to have the experience of attending one of the full moon parties!


There aren’t many places in the world where you can spend your morning diving into beautiful, vibrant waters that are part of one of the world’s largest structures of living organisms, and your afternoon swimming in turquoise waters, surrounded by one of the most diverse and ancient forests on the planet. Cairns is the gateway not only to one, but to TWO world heritage sites, the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Forest, making the place very special to visit. Don’t leave without riding a horse along Cape Tribulation Beach, taking a short trip to the Great Barrier Reefe or to see the crocodiles on the Daintree River.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is 7m long on the coast and is in the Whitsundays. It’s easier to access from Airlie Beach, unless you’re lucky enough to own a yacht. The beach is popular with locals and tourists, but if you camp there you will get the beach todinha for you, and a few more lucky ones who are camping, for sunset and sunrise. The white color of the sand and the incredible blue of the water make this place a unique destination that is constantly on the lists of ‘best beaches in the world’..

Best places to visit in the Northern Territory


Uluru is probably one of Australia’s best-known sights. But this huge piece of stone is also an extremely sacred and powerful place for the local Aboriginal Anangu: the center of the universe and the home of “Mother Earth”. On the outskirts of Uluru, within small caves, you can see Aboriginal rock art of tens of thousands of years, considered national treasures and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While you can still climb to the top of the rock and have really magical views, this activity is a controversial spot between local Aboriginal people and the national park service that runs the area. For this reason, tourists are strongly encouraged not to climb the stone. Uluru rises 348 meters above the ground, but most of this rock is underground. Its circumference is 16 kilometers and you can take a complete turn around it without difficulties.


Even though Darwin is the capital of the Norther Territory, it’s super small – but a great place to shop. What’s more, for those who love history, it’s a green treasure with the Norther Territory Museum and Art Gallery and many aborigene art galleries. Litchfield National Park is a great place to see crocodiles in their natural habitat – and has places to swim at a high altitude that crocodiles can’t reach.

The best places to visit in Western Australia


Perth is one of my favourite places in Western Australia and the perfect starting place to explore more of the state. From the wonderful beaches to the craft beer scene that takes place in Freemantle, all with a very easy access to the famous Margaret River wine region, it is a paradise for those who love food with an ever-present sunny climate. Add even beautiful views from Kings Park, very close to the wonderful Rottnest Island where you can get close to one of Australia’s nicest creatures – the Quokka.

Margaret River

A scenic road from Perth, Western Australia’s main city, lies Margaret River, a lovely and relaxed coastal town that attracts all kinds of people, from surfers in search of the best waves to wine connoisseurs on tours of local wineries.

My ideal day in Margaret River would start with a delicious breakfast at the eclectic Café The Margaret River Bakery, followed by a morning dip at the nearby Hamelin Beach, where you can see friendly jellyfish floating along the coast. In the afternoon, get to know world-famous wineries such as Fermoy Estate or Cape Mentelle. To accompany your wine, head to Olio Bello for a delicious lunch and to sample its olive oil varieties. At this point, you’ll need to raise sugar levels, so head to the Margaret River chocolate factory and try your free samples before starting the evening with live music at the famous Settlers Tavern in the city centre.

The best places to visit in Tasmania


If, like me, you love climbing mountains, swimming in crystal clear waters and exploring small towns, you’ll love Launceston. For me, there is no more beautiful and unique place in Australia. You can face your fear of heights on the world’s longest cable car at Cataract Gorge, or pretend to go to Japan at the permanent exhibition of Japanese monkeys in City Park.

A 2.5-hour drive to northeast Lauceston takes you to the Bay of Fires, where you can swim in the incredibly clear sea and climb the rocks sprayed and painted by Mother Nature’s fire. If that’s not adventure enough for you, a two-hour drive west of Lanceston leads to Cradle Mountain National Park, full of epic trails. With its new moon-shaped peak, Cradle Mountain has become a symbol of Tasmania. Oh, and did I mention this is wombat st. I promise you won’t leave here without seeing that cuteness!


Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and a tourist place that everyone wants to go – and for many good reasons! It’s home to Australia’s largest private museum – MONA ( Museum of New and Ancient Art) – and it’s worth going there just to experience this incredible and engaging exhibition space (and the building is beautiful outside too!) Even if you’re not a fan of museums, Hobart has something for everyone to enjoy. From the history of port Arthur, the secluded beauty of Bruny Island, the hipster scene of Salamanca’s markets, views of Mount Wellington and one of the best fish and chips you’ll ever eat in life at constitution dock, it’s the perfect place to escape on a weekend- or a starting spot to explore the rest of Tasmania.

Best places to visit in South Australia

Kangaroo Island

With a short ferry ride from The South Coast of Australia you arrive at Kangaroo Island, known for its wildlife, classic Australian landscapes, nature reserves and fresh food. Don’t let the name (Kangaroo Islands!) fool you, as the island isn’t covered with kangaroos, but there are plenty of other animals and attractions that will keep you busy for days! The first point of your tour should be the Seal Bay Conservation Park, where you get close to playing seals or, most of the time, sleeping on the beach.

Along the coastline, you’ll find the region’s main tourist spot, Flinders Chase National Park, where huge cliffs, seals scattered on the rocks and the look of Admiral’s Arch will leave your camera super busy. Head inland from the National Park to find the Australian beauty of Remarkable Rocks, a set of bizarrely shaped rock formations (such as eagle-shaped “Eagle Rock”) that already impress in any way but level up with spectacular views of the island’s coastline.


Adelaide is fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite capitals. The city is always with something going on be it festivals, events, markets, shows and art exhibitions. Adelaide is not only very close to one of the best wine regions in the world, but is also known for its trendy restaurants and craft beer scene. Spend a day hiking along the seafront in Glenelg or take a climb to Gully Waterfall to the top of Mount Lofty for an epic view of the city. No matter how you decide to spend your time, you will realize very quickly that some days are not enough to fully experience this amazing place.

Fast becoming one of Australia’s favourite capital cities, Adelaide is constantly abuzz with festivals, events, markets, gigs and art exhibitions. Not only is Adelaide a stone’s throw away from some of the world’s best wine regions but it’s also renowned for its trendy restaurants and craft beer scene. Spend a day wandering by the sea in Glenelg or trek through Waterfall Gully to the summit of Mt Lofty for an epic view over the city. However you decide to spend your time, you’ll very quickly realise that a few days is hardly enough to fully experience this wonderful place.

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