How to start a jewellery business

I am the most eligible person to give this answer to the above question. I collected a lot of experience and personally I believe ‘If it’s good it’s wonderful If it’s bad It’s our experience’.

Since I participated in the jewellery business, I had enough experience in sales. I was confident enough and had faith in my knowledge and skills. But I learned, not only the technical experience is required for a new business, even other things also. This can be discussed later in another post.

Now I’ll only talk about online business setup and its process. I assume you already have an offline store or in the jewellery business for a long and have enough skills, knowledge and experience in selling jewellery.

You may be a jewellery maker, designer or have a physical (offline) store. Then surely, you can hire us to set up an online store for you.

Do you already have an online store and wants an eCommerce mobile application for android and iPhone?

Great! again you are smart enough and definitely, you will become a successful jeweller. You must need a kick start and a trustworthy, experienced and technically sound web agency that can help to set up and maintain your online store hassle-free.

Do you have an online store and mobile application for your eCommerce online jewellery store?

Wow.. that’s wonderful! so what else, what is the next step?

Still, you are stuck and not knowing how to do with your jewellery stock. Of course, stock clearance is important. No benefits of it to keep jewellery products for long in your warehouse.

Let us review your site, online store and understand its technical status. You must need expert analysis of your online jewellery store.

Maybe it is required fixing of pages, code and necessary optimisation. You don’t take stress more, you will never know how to fix it. You don’t engage your precious hours for other unknown stuff. It’s a waste of your time.

Focus on your core business and let an expert do their job. You get engaged with experts and plan offers deals and discounts for online visitors/customers.

Wondering 🤔 you will notice a change, growth in sales and will engage more new returning customers online.

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