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Android developers cannot complain about a lack of orders. The mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets introduced by Google dominates the market. With Android apps you can reach more potential users than with iOS. (Other systems like BlackBerry and Windows Mobile have almost been pushed out of the market.)

Android’s market share is now over 80 percent . And the future prospects for Android remain bright. Current market studies consider Android’s dominant market position to be secured at least until the end of this decade.

And Android developers can now fall back on an impressive selection of developer tools. In addition to the Android developer tools with development environment, SDK, emulators optimized for Google APIs and the Native Development Kit also provided by Google, there are numerous third-party programming tools.

The Corona Software Development Kit (SDK) is one of the most popular tools for Android developers. The Corona SDK is programmed with Lua, an imperative and expandable script language. An interpreter generates the code that can be executed by Android. In addition to app development for Android, the Corona SDK also enables iOS and Windows apps to be created. This cross-platform approach is used by many app developers who want to kill several birds with one stone.

It’s similar with Xamarin, another development environment. With the help of the .NET programming language C #, Xamarin can easily create apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Microsoft even found Xamarin so good that the group has now incorporated the responsible company and thus the rights to the developer tool.

Another popular Android framework is Apache Cordova, which can be used to create Android apps based on web technologies such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Apps created with Apache Cordova are mostly very similar to mobile web apps and often work with a server-client approach that requires an Internet connection. Apache Cordova is less suitable for performance-hungry apps such as complex games or multimedia applications.

If you are looking for a cheap Android developer in the international outsourcing market, the chances are high that he will use one of these three solutions. When choosing, you should be aware of the differences between the various developer tools and clarify in advance which framework is best suited for your own app idea. There are many other alternatives to the tools mentioned, which can also be interesting. These include Sencha Touch and Appcelerator Titanium, both of which are also known as cross-platform mobile development kits, with which apps can be created for iOS and other systems in addition to Android.

A list of development environments for mobile app development maintained by Wikipedia shows how large the selection is now. If a developer advises you on a certain, possibly more exotic development platform, have the advantages explained to you from his point of view. The obligatory online research for possible disadvantages should of course not be missing.

Regardless of which path you ultimately choose – you do not have to limit yourself to Germany when looking for a developer. Outsourcing to Indian Android professionals can save a lot of money in app development. outsourcing4work will be happy to help you with professional personnel recruitment and SCRUM project management specializing in Indian outsourcing personnel.

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Node.js is an open source platform development

Node.js is an open source platform for the scripting language JavaScript, which ensures dynamic website content in web browsers. The framework provides a platform-independent execution of the JavaScript code outside of the web browser.

In this article, you can find out exactly what Node.js is used for and what advantages the platform can bring for your company.


JavaScript is used as the language to generate dynamic content on Internet pages. Before Node.js was developed, anyone who also wanted to generate this content on the server was required to use an alternative language – JavaScript limits its application options for programming to Internet browsers. The software engineer Ryan Dahl took advantage of this gap in the market in 2009 and developed the open source platform Node.js.

The server-oriented framework ensures that the frontend and backend can be created in one programming language. The platform works on an event basis. In connection with website development, an event can be defined as an action to which a reaction can take place immediately afterwards. The action can be a user-based mouse click or application-generated file access.

This means:
With a simple click of the mouse, the program is able to carry out several successive actions.

For a long time, servers were thread-based, which resulted in a certain inflexibility for IT specialists. The difference between an event-based and a thread-based server can be illustrated well with a visit to a restaurant:

An event server can take an order from a guest and while the guest is waiting for his meal, further orders from other guests are taken and processed. A thread server could only process the next order request after the guest has received his meal.

The independence of host applications and the server-side development options for various web applications make JavaScript popular with IT professionals. Because: While knowledge of other programming languages ​​such as PHP or Ruby was necessary beforehand, backend developers now benefit from the standardized application options.

Node.js is based on the V8 engine from Google Chrome and can therefore be used easily with JavaScript.

With the standardization of the website development there are some advantages for IT specialists:

JavaScript is considered a simple programming languageMore expertise in the IT specialist marketClear code baseUniform naming conventions in the frontend and backendSoftware developers can continue to use known tools

For the customer, web applications serve as pure operating elements on the Internet. While the user clicks through the website, apps communicate with the backend services via an interface (API – Application Programming Interface). Most of the work in this process is done in the backend. The data is received, checked and saved on the servers in the data center. The data is then sent back to the user, who then sees this exchange on the screen.

For the complex and sensitive process of data exchange, companies need professional IT specialists who guarantee that the process runs smoothly for the customer. JavaScript is one of the simple programming languages. In combination with the uniform development opportunities, this results in promising IT expertise on the job market, from which you can let your company benefit.

With Node.js, a non-block I / O is possible, so that possible blockages at the input and output of the events can be excluded. In addition, there is the possibility of creating any software outside of web development. Scripts for desktop applications and the command line can also be used for the framework.

Node.js can also convince IT specialists with other features:

Asynchronous communication: A non-block I / O system, which ensures the start of a single thread.Libuv: A library that creates a standardized thread pool of size 4 and makes requests to the operating system.Event stack: ensures that the actions are sorted using the LIFO principle (last-in, first-out).Node.js Core: At this point, features are available that can do more than the V8 engine – the functions are provided by wrappers.Server and client: With the option of developing the backend in a uniform programming language, it is possible to fall back on existing know-how.Node Package Manager: The platform provides 350,000 packages when it is first installed, which are used for the development of individual purposes.

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