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Photography allows us to entertain important moments in our lives and history

Photography is one of humanity’s greatest inventions, because they are unforgettable.

In the space of a split second, the photographer manages to share his gaze with the world through a photo.

In documentary or journalistic form, photographiccoverage of remarkable historical facts is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, benefit of photography for society.

Already in our family life, thanks to the photos, we remember the most important events and we were able to visit places without leaving home.

With photographs you also learn a lot. A book of medicine, dentistry, engineering can have hundreds if not thousands of photos.

Today, we can share photos with everyone in seconds.

Photography is an invention that has evolved rapidly and scanned itself.

Kodak invented digital photography and with that millions of photographers emerged.

With costly technology used by few professionals, photography has expanded rapidly in the world thanks to lighter, increasingly better and more affordable equipment.

With the launch of the Iphone, Apple has redefined what Photography is. Steve Jobs particularly always wanted to revolutionize the photographic market. And in fact this occurred, directly or indirectly, with the emergence of the Iphone in 2007.

Today, we have in the world more than 3 billion smartphones according to Statista. And that means saying over 3 billion devices that make photos!

Now Photography is much more than science – it’s also Art!

In this article you will know what photography is under 3 major pillars: history, art and market.

What is Photography?
Although it allows for many interpretations, photography is a creation of a vision to interpret reality.

For the photographer,shooting transcends faithful copying or accurate reproduction of reality to be a way to tell a story.

The photographic act itself may seem like a simple process of recording a moment.

But, knowing more in depth, shooting requires the need for specific knowledge and skills that are often ignored due to automatic function in the cameras.

Among the skills a photographer needs to have are:

  • handle a modern camera;
  • Know colors, shadows and composition techniques;
  • Master photographic accessories such as lens and flash;
  • Creativity for scenes, poses and direction;
  • Use digital techniques and tools to organize and edit photos.
  • In the commercial aspect, photography has also expanded and today the photo services market is prosperous and very diverse. If your interest is not so much in the history of photography as business, go straight into market numbers.

Generally, photographers work as self-employed entrepreneurs, but there are also small and large businesses that provide photographic services, which are studios and media and event producing companies.

How and why shoot?
Talking about photographic art is first and foremost talking about the photographer, the one behind the lens, women and men who, in the space of a split second, captures and produces photographs.

The photographer links the act of shooting with his photographic and artistic thinking at the time of the click.

As the famous phrase says:

You don’t capture a photograph, you do it. – Ansel Adams.

My photographs are a vector between what happens in the world and people who can’t witness what happens.

I hope the person who goes into an exhibition of mine doesn’t come out the same.

Sebastian Salgado.

Photography has the power to change people and change the world, the future.

No one has forgotten the photo of the naked little girl running under inVietnam, known as Napalm Girl.

And everyone also knows the photo of the man in front of four tanks in Tiananmen Square in China.

documentary photography
The most famous photograph of the Vietnam War. Photographer: Nick Ut.
Is photography art?
A big question is whether photography is an art or a process.

Some media disclose that photography is not an art,but rather an ingenious science or process. But this understanding is considered wrong by virtually all media specializing in arts and photography.

PHOTOGRAPHY is considered the EIGHTH ART.

To try to justify why some people do not consider photography as an art, shooting necessarily needs equipment to capture light and produce the photo.

The process the technology behind the camera ends up attracting attention – See how the Iphone became a highlight in the photographic world with the launch of 3 cameras integrated to the Iphone 12.

The need to have technological equipment should not diminish the art of photography in our view.

See which keyboard musicians need an electronic keyboard. Graphic artists use computer.

Since the 1980s, photographic equipment has become digital. But the human photographic side evolves as much as the digital side, and today there is an aesthetic and artistic presence in the photos that reinforces that the photographic look also evolves, creates trends and in photography is – to this day – essentially made by humans.

Creativity, the creation process, follow the same methods of “manifestation” practiced in all artistic and creative areas.

To conclude, according to a very interesting article on WIKIPEDIA, there is in some way even a great consensus about the arts that exist. Next we will show you the numbered arts.

Numbering of the Arts – What is the 8th art?
The following are all artworks numbered according to Wikipedia.

About art, perhaps you will be surprised that video games, comic history and graphic art are also considered arts.

1st Art Sound arts (music)
2nd Art Performing arts (Theatre, Dance, etc.))
3rd Art Painting (colors)
4th Art Sculpture
5th Art Architecture
6th Art Literature
7th Art Cinema (Audiovisual arts)
9th Art Comic book
10th Art Video Games
11th Art Digital Arts
Photography – How to do it? See step by step to take a picture
As we said, shooting requires certain skills. Therefore, we list below the 6 basic steps for you to make a photograph:

1: Have at hand a camera or mobile phone;

2: Find the ideal composition;

3: Adjust the light;

4: Analyze the scene, colors, shadow and background;

5: Adjust focus;

6: Moment of shooting or click.

This process, or step by step, can be simpler than that, such as 1- Attention, 2 – Focus and 3 – Click.

And it can also be a lot more complicated than those six steps we showed. In fact, much more complex, whether in the thought and photographic technique to the use of extra equipment to the camera, such as an external flash and sensors.

Photography – What are the most common types?
The photograph that you will most easily find are usually associated with your commercial use and also the market, that is, by demand or by those who hire the photographic service.

The most common photographic services we can find are:

Wedding: specialization that includes all wedding coverage plus pre-wedding rehearsal (pre-wedding), trash the dress and couples rehearsals in general.
Essays: Photos of various types such as family, infant, sensual, female, graduation, etc.
Newborn: specialization of trials that have strong growth.
Advertising: specialization covering photos of products, cooking,
Documentary :social, historical and artistic record, often done independently by the photographer.
Pet/Animal Trials: Specialty that has been growing.
Photojournalism :photographic specialty that includes social coverage, politics, economics linked to journalism.
Portraitist: specialty in portraiture, that is, direction and image consulting producing portraits of famous, executives and also for advertising purposes.
Still: used for advertising and e-commerce purposes, it can be provided food to illustrate a menu or products for a store.
Photo market numbers
Another very common question for those who want to further research the photography market:

Where do I find photographic market statistics?

Since the photographic career is not a regulated area or profession, finding figures from the photographic market that is organized is not easy.

In Australia, the business is to count on specialized blogs where FHOX and ALBOOM BLOG stand out.

A very important source of information in the photographic market is also the Photography Yearbook,a project that brought together brands in the market to research commercial photography and produce an updated and complete study of Australiaian professional photographic activity.

How many photographers are there in Australia?

This question, how many professionals act as photographers in Australia, whether professional or even amateur, no one knows for sure.

However, in conversations with entrepreneurs in the photographic market, there seems to be a certain consensus that there are more than 200,000 photographers who work fully or partially as photographers.

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