Product Category Analysis and Selection

Item/products classification examination is the method involved with assessing item classes to extend your comprehension of the different elements that expand or reduce the interest for an item classification. Item classification examination incorporates an outline of item classifications and analyzes every one of them to at long last get a nitty-gritty report on every item class. It is completed by advertisers to situate their items and advance them all the more adequately.

Investigation of item classes gives a top to bottom comprehension of client experience, developing business sector patterns, data about contenders and their advertising exercises; This will permit you to settle on opportune business choices that will keep you in front of your rivals.

Contender investigation and client experience examination are essential for the examination of item classes. Together, it offers brand administrators and top client information supervisors a profound comprehension of what’s novel and unique with regards to your image, and how your image should situate itself in the commercial centre to amplify development and benefit.

Are you new in your business and don’t know how to categories your products for the online store?

Let’s make it easy and simple. (1) List your all products in excel (2) choose top selling products in the first row (3) make another column by customer choice, price, colours, age, and price range (4) grouping the products for specific seasons, festivals and for occasions.

Keep on changing the priority of the category and don’t make it bigger or shorter. Similar products can be in sub-categories.

Log into wp-admin
Go to Manage products and click on Add Products.
Add product details- product name, image, description, product group, etc. and click on ‘Save’.
Add specification/Additional details-brand, model number, screen size , and click on ‘Finish’