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One of the high competitive keyword in the SEO industry and Indian Sub-Continent is ‘seo india’ no matter what are indian seo companies are doing to make benefits from this search term but it’s trending.

For local seo service provider has many options to get a higher rank with sales-oriented search terms. Long-tail keywords are still useful and new users are definitely using them for accurate results.

Then, what is a solution?

The answer to this question is hidden in the problem. Why should you want to jump in infinite war? Let’s say – XYZ Pte Ltd selling its products locally in Sydney. Must be their customers are from a fixed radius. Though, advertising and marketing will not work if it is not Sydney based or out of this location.

As Same, If you are a seo firm in Ahmedabad Gujrat and work for local business owners. Make your appearance more for those customers. Result = Quick Sale, #1 Ranking in major search engines, easy to promote, cost effective and better make sense with everyone.

Why can’t I get what I want? Can’t I get the top result with my desired keyword?

Why how can you get what you want? Yes! you are making the correct perception. Maybe you want something big that takes a process that means something in the way like steps you have to walk all the steps to go to top Google Rank for seo-india.

Why is my website not getting ranked? What is the solution?

This question was posted by one of quora users Ste Oren on May 25, 2020. Look at the following answers from readers.

What to do and what not to do with website while incorporating the keywords in web pages
Sample Report for Correct Vs Incorrect Way of Keyword Insertion.

Definitely, It’s wired. Hope you are smart enough and are not doing these practices.

Please note that SEO is a long term process and it needs to continues effort. If you have set up a business online or as a seo company india working for client’s business, make your search engine optimisation process ethical forever. Be a white hat seo lover.

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