Silver Jewelry: How to Give A Stylish Up with Up to $250

Celebrating small victories is one of the most important things in life.

Better yet if we can do that with friends, right?

THE Old Siller recently reached 5,000 followers in the Instagram, and to celebrate we are luckying $ 500.00 in silver jewelry.

The winner of the draw and a friend will split the prize and be able to choose their favourites from ALL OF OUR necklaces, currents, earrings and bracelets!

With that in mind, we’ve raised some very f*** looks that anyone can put together with less than $250 in silver jewelry.

Ready to choose your favorite combo?

The statement necklace

A good option for those who are wetting their feet in the world of accessories for the first time — or simply prefer a more minimalist look — is to wear a single necklace (chain and pendant).

In assm cases, we enjoy very medium or long currents (i.e. 60cm long upwards), combined with a strong pendant.

Above, the Hunter Silver Pendant with the Grumet Silver Chain.

For those who prefer a slightly more discreet look, the Silver Shield Necklace 60cm is a great blend of style and elegance. See below.

The current Shutter, lighter and thinner than grumet, blends very well with shield.

A pair with great price ($ 150.00), and that really adds to the look without getting heavy.

One chain, two pendants

For those who are already a little more comfortable, how about wearing two pendants in the same chain?

The above combination, with Venetian chain and Feather and Arrow pendants totals $ 200.00.

It’s a great way to add one extra touch without having to carry two separate chains.

Oh, and you can use the chain alone, with one of the pendants, or with both. Very cool for those who like to give a varied.

Bracelet mix

Whether you need to dress more seriously or formally, not all silver jewelry is a good choice.

But a pair of bracelets can work just fine —and without compromising.

Those who follow the blog know that we are very fans of links bracelets.

In the photo above, what would be a somewhat dull look – the social shirt and dark pants – -gains a little dimension with the use of bracelets Figaro Medium and Grumet Slim.

If you’re ready to take a next step, how about adding a pendant to your bracelets?

Our favorite is the Cross Mini Bold — a pendant of just over 1cm, super light and versatile. (If you have a chain, it can be used on the chest as well.)

The three pieces (two bracelets and pendant) generate more than ten combinations — the two together, one in each hand, one with pendant, one with pendant…

Together, the three come out for only $235.00.

Great value for money for so many options, right?

Earring & Company

Do you like to wear an earring?

We have great options for you too!

OR Cross Mini Silver Earring it’s a very underrated piece. Live, he’s unanimous: it’s f***!

At 1cm long, it is small and discreet.

To accompany you, a good request is the Coin, a 1.5cm medallion of diameter and design inspired by the coins of Ancient Rome.

If you’ve come this far, you must be a bold-style guy.

Therefore, you will LOVE this combination: Cross Slim Silver Ring and Cross Medium Silver Necklace.

These silver jewelry, which total $180.00 with an earring, or 210.00 with the pair, are ideas for those who have confidence in their look and want something with a higher temperature.

Cross Slim is one of our bestsellers — our customers love its distinctive look and movement.

Cross Medium, on the other hand, is an absolutely classic design of a silver crucifix — a refined and timeless choice.

A combination with a theme that repeats itself (the cross), but with very contrasting proposals. Very good!


Style is done in the details. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend too much.

After all, all the combinations we show in this post total less than $250.00!

In addition, they are silver jewelry with the highest quality and warranty — Old Siller offers lifetime cover against peeling.

So, have you picked your favorite yet?

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