The Men’s Silver Ring: From Frank Sinatra to Harry Styles

The silver ring is a classic.

It is a totally timeless piece and that does not know age or social class.

The silver rings are one of the coolest choices of men looking for classic and sober accessories.

In this post you will see that they have taken place captive in very famous fingers over the past few decades, and will continue to be a strong bet — and no expiration date.

How long have silver rings been used?
Silver rings have been used for centuries by the most diverse groups.

From gangsters to military personnel; from stripped millionaires to members of royalty.

Over the years, rings have served different purposes,

Some symbolize achievements, such as graduation rings or affiliation—usually used on the annular finger.

The same finger can also carry an alliance or engagement ring.

Another use, in the little finger, has a more particular story: it emerged to stamp coats of arms, initials and other identifications on letters and communications.

These documents received hot wax and were “printed” using the ring as the official mark.

These jewels with “stamps” began to be used in the period before Christ, and continued popular until a few centuries ago.

Over time, the men’s rings were no longer just identifications and became classic accessories to complement the look of men.

Since the 1900s, we have been able to identify many style icons — in real life and fiction — who bet on the silver rings.

Male style icons and their silver rings
Frank Sinatra
From the 1930s to his death, American singer Frank Sinatra was a worldwide hit.

His style was, at the same time, informal and sophisticated. Sprezzatura total.

The singer bet on the silver ring on the little finger to make up the look. Detail for the silver bracelet combining. 🔥

Elvis Presley
The King of Rock. An icon in every way.

In the look, Elvis liked to innovate with extravagant and original clothes. Especially at the end of his career, when he became adept in white suits full of sequins.

But throughout his stardom, the silver ring has always been a key piece in his arsenal.

Michael Corleone (Al Pacino in The Godfather)
In the third film in the legendary series The Godfather, Michael Corleone (played by Al Pacino) always has a bell ring,

This striking piece helps to make up the look of the Corleone leader. A look that stands between gangster and businessman —and has become a reference for the mature and powerful man.

Shawn Mendes
The new generation comes strong and the Canadian singer shows that the silver ring never goes out of style.

Shawn Mendes bets on the rings both on the red carpets of awards, with more formal clothes, as in the day to day with a basic look.

Mendes usa todo tipo de anel, mas parece ser fã de peças de metal mais clássicas.

Harry Styles
Despite some unorthodox choices in the look, the British singer knows how to dress very well.

And Styles embraced the use of the silver ring — and rings in general — like no one else. It’s hard to see him with less than three rings on his fingers.

But unlike Mendes, Styles prefers a more exaggerated look, “more is more”, and with flashy pieces.

Tom Hardy
Whether inside or outside the studios, Tom Hardy is a fan of rings —and a big fan of a good silver ring.

In her iconic role as Alfie Solomons in the series Peaky Blinders, Tom adhers to several jewels to play the Jewish gangster.

Off-screen, the actor also usually bets on many accessories.

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The silver ring: totally timeless
From Frank Sinatra to Harry Styles, in this post you learned a little more about the men’s silver ring and some of its most famous fans.

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