Valentine’s Day: 5 Gift Ideas for Men (2022)

If you have a partner or partner, Valentine’s Day is one of those dates you can’t escape…

A special gift is mandatory!

We know that choosing a good gift for a man is not always easy.

Many men are not from dating objects or giving indirect here and there to help their work.

So we have made a list of five original gifts that will be VERY successful with your partner!

And we’re not talking about those gifts that are forgotten at the bottom of a drawer. But rather of pieces that he will use and enjoy every day.

Read the entire post and choose your favorite. He’s going to love it!

Silver jewelry old siller gift for man 2022
Figaro Chain and Hunter Pendant

Gift for Man #1: Leather Boot

If you know the blog, you know that here in Old Siller we are fans of leather boots.

We’ve even talked about two of our favorite models around here before: Chelsea and the Moc Toe.

gift for men 2022 leather moc toe boot

A good pair of boots takes place in any well-dressed man’s closet.

There are as many boot options out there as there are watches or jackets, so you need to research to find the right type for your boyfriend.

In that case, there are a few questions like…

Will he use it for day-to-day or special occasions?

What’s his lifestyle like?

Does he prefer a more rustic or refined look?

Tip about boots for men
That said, one thing is for sure: good boots are not the kind of thing you want to save on.

First, because bad boots are uncomfortable and hurt your feet.

Second, because they age badly, they spend fast, and they’re just not that pretty.

This Valentine’s Day, if you’re going to give a pair of boots, choose a high-quality model made of legitimate leather.

There are many national brands that offer good products.

For instance: Black Boots, Barcelona, Elie and Louie

yes, it’s not the cheapest gift. But it’s worth it!

Your boyfriend will surely wear them and enjoy them for many years, and remember you every time you wear them.

Gift for Man #2: Silver Jewel

It’s not just a good pair of boots that takes place in any men’s wardrobe…

Good accessories too!

And no men’s accessory is more classic and versatile than those made in silver.

Be a necklace, ring or braceletthe silver jewelry elevate any visual.

Day-to-day… to a special night.

valentine’s day 2022 gift for old siller man silver jewelry

A theme that is repeated in this post is: forget the junk and the fads. Bet on pieces with classic look and high quality.

It’s true for the boots, and even more for jewelry.

Therefore, we highly recommend that if you are presenting your boyfriend with jewelry, choose the Silver 925.

It is a durable alloy, beautiful, bright and with great value. It never rusts, never fades.

Here at Old Siller, all jewels are produced in 925 Silver and designed with a classic, timeless look.

There are 50+ options for you to find the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day.

For the modern, cool man, how about a combo of necklaces?

old siller male cross necklace
Cross Small Silver Necklaces and Medal SB

For the right thing, a good choice is a scapular or a beautiful silver ring.

silver scpulario cartier old siller chain
Standard Silver Scapular

For the conservative style, bet on a medallion or silver cross.

old siller venetian silver chain

Silver Jewelry Tip
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The discount is automatic according to the purchase amount: 10% for purchases above $ 150.00, 15% for $300.00 and 20% for $500.00!

Take this opportunity and put on a combo for your boyfriend.

By the way, put together a combo with pieces for him and you!

So the two begin a new year of dating with the renewed look.

Good idea, right?

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Man’s Gift #3: Custom Bottle

Whether you’re working out, working or traveling, having a bottle of water is essential.

In addition to helping to stay hydrated and save money on bottles out there, you also save disposable cups.

There are many types of water bottles out there, but if you’ve ever had a double-walled one, you know it’s a no-back path.

Why is that?

Double-walled bottles, also known as vacuo, are those made of metal and with two layers — one internal and one external.

This allows the bottle to keep the contents at its right temperature for MUCH longer.

Tip about custom bottles
The bottles of the B’kind, one of the biggest national brands, keeps the drink hot for up to 12h and cold for up to 24h.

If all the savings and the convenience of the warm coffee in the car, or cold water in practice, weren’t enough…

B’Kind is also possible for B’Kind customize the thermos!

You can present your boyfriend with a single bottle, in his favorite color and with his initials. A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

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Gift for Man #4: Chef’s Knife

Who cooks, knows: a good knife is ESSENTIAL.

If your boyfriend likes to cook, he will love to receive this gift!

A good chef knife is one of those gifts that will be used and loved every day.

Here, as well as good boots or jewelry, bet on quality!

Chef’s Knife Tip
Chef knives can easily cost thousands of dollars.

That’s because cutlery — this is the production of knives — is an art.

And depending on the brand, type of knife, and steel used, the final product can be a real masterpiece.

To choose a good gift chef knife, bet on renowned brands such as national Churrasking or the german Zwilling.

Another option is browser by multi-brand stores, such as Westwing and the Spicy, which have many different options.


With a good knife, your boyfriend will have a good excuse to cook for you. They both win!

Gift for Man #5: Amazon Kindle

The gift of knowledge is one of the most valuable that can be given.

And a Kindle is an inexhaustible source of knowledge!

If you have a boyfriend who loves to read, this gift is a great choice.

The Kindle, in case you don’t already know, is an electronic book reader.

With it, you can store thousands of books, annotate, mark highlights, search for words in the dictionary, share documents, and more.

All this on a screen made with “e-ink”, a digital ink that does not tire the vision. Super comfortable to read, and much easier and lighter to carry than a booklet (or a hundred!).

It is a great choice for those who like foreign books, without A Brazilian version, since digital versions come out much cheaper than printed ones.

Also, with Amazon Unlimited your boyfriend for having free access to thousands of books for very little.

And you can also read PDFs or other files that you climb yourself through a free Amazon service.

Currently, a Kindle costs from $331.55. Enjoy!

So, did you pick out a gift?
So, have you chosen your favorite man gift from this Valentine’s Day?

We can’t help you with all the options…

But if you were interested in the silver ring — or thought of other accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces — good news!

The Medusa silver necklace, one of our best sellers

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Don’t let the opportunity pass. Assemble a kit for your partner —or for you—today.

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