What to buy for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day

End of the year almost there and with that a warning light: Valentine’s Day gifts.

Gifting someone on that date is, for many, a great difficulty. First because we don’t know what to give, second because we don’t know where to buy and last and for all, for the value. Yes, we have countless options in front of us but it is not an easy task to choose the right thing.

Today we will help clarify your ideas by showing five cool gifts to gift your girlfriend. But we will not only indicate gifts to you, we will indicate you where to buy and vary from more account items to more expensive items. We understand that because it is a busy time, sometimes we have to buy some souvenirs and when putting it all together, the pocket weighs. So if your concern is the price, here we’ll show you some options that can fit into your year-end budget.

It is noteworthy that, above any indication, there are personal tastes. Watch out for the person for whom you will give the gift not to err in the choice. Oh and all the indications below are also for mothers, grandmothers, cousins, aunts, sisters…

Let’s go, shall we?

For starters, let’s quote with the unbeatable. Chocolate has always been and will be a hit when we talk about gifts. An item of easy to like, several options and flavors, not to mention the prices. You’re unlikely to find something that’s in your budget.

If you are looking for boxes or chocolate kits of more affordable price but without giving up a great quality and flavor, Brasil Cacau can be a great place to buy. With boxes starting at $ 12.90, the options are many (including delicious stuffed pantones). Click here to take a look at the Valentine’s Day line.

If you want something a little more sophisticated and with a greater perception of value, Kopenhagen is the right place. With an indisputable quality and a diverse set of chocolates, as in Brasil Cacau, the kits are a success from packaging to flavor and range from $ 39.90 to 249.90. In site, you find the Valentine’s Day lines and also specific lines for girlfriend and other members of your family.

    Cosmetics are other items that hardly fail in times of gift exchange. The best part about gifting someone with a cosmetic is the diversity of items. You can opt for perfumes, makeups, moisturizers, hair products and so on… There is a product for everything you can imagine but focus on something easier like creams, perfumes or makeup.

If you want to buy natural products, we will point you to The Body Shop. A brand known for its excellent quality, the Body Shop is an amazing option if your girlfriend likes vegetarian/vegan products without animal testing. About prices, you get kits in the site from $38.90.

Another brand of great success in this field is MAC. Being one of the most respected, it has numerous product lines for lips, eyes and skin. A legal function of the site of the brand is Try-On, where you attach a photo and the site tells you which item matches that skin. If you don’t understand anything, it can be a great help. In addition to the diversity of items, the prices are also varied and you find items from $ 34,90.

    After the Valentine’s Day parties, we welcome the new year and nothing better than to take a beach, sunbathe and a new sunglasses falls very well if your girlfriend enjoys this type of program. A good quality glasses may not be the cheapest item on the list but if we stop to think about the cost benefit, it’s a great option.

Sunglass Hut brings together some of the best eyewear brands on the market in one place, making our lives easier. On the site, you can find brands such as Ray-ban, Vogue, Ralph, Prada and the best, some items on sale and with pieces from $ 195,00, in addition to the numerous models and styles. Click here to check it out.

    This item may be a favorite of most women. Essential for all times, bags carry almost everything (or everything) a woman needs in the day-to-day. You want to make it beautiful? Pick one and gift your girlfriend.

At Arezzo,you can find several types and sizes of purse, such as wallet style, handbag, side bag, tow… The brand, known for quality and style, is a success for those who enjoy this type of accessory. The options are numerous but you can find bags from $ 59,90. Unlikely that you won’t find anything that matches your girlfriend visiting the site.

Another brand well known for its handbags is Schutz. As with Arezzo, quality is one of the brand’s characteristics and the amount of options as well. The values are similar and you find parts starting at $150 in the site.

    If your claim is a more sophisticated gift and value is not a problem, jewelry is the right option.

Vivara unites delicacy and luxury in its pieces and enchants many women with its items. With accessories in gold, silver and even steel, the store has unique and sophisticated designs that combine a lot with this time of year.

And lastly, if your girlfriend likes silver items, we have a good option for you.

In Old Siller you will find accessories in 925 silver that can also be worn by women. So how about adding an item for your girlfriend too when you’re going to increase your collection with us?

This year, Old Siller is offering 10% discount for new users and free shipping to the south, southeast and midwest on purchases from $ 199 and to the north and northeast from $ 299. Too good, ein?

Enjoy and make your order now by the site, to receive until Valentine’s Day.

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