Whatsapp India Started UPI Payments Option for Non-Business Users

Eueeee! A good news for lazy paymasters who was disliking to pay others and has more excuses while receiving payments in digital form (online).

Whatsapp has big users and whatsapp chat messaging lovers in India and a day by day craze of whatsapp is increasing. Since it’s launched a special app and features for business users and added some product catalogue features, Its usages are so valuable for them.

But whatsapp still not giving them payment options for business users. I assume it is on trial and testing mode with personal account users. I hope it will very soon be available for all / business whatsapp app users.

The Great benefits i am assuming for whatsapp and it’s users. Business users can also be receiving payments and can make payments through their other personal whatsapp enabled number.

How to use WhatsApp Payments feature
Receive Money
Once the WhatsApp Payments is set up on a device, receiving payments is as simple as receiving messages
If someone sends money through WhatsApp, it appears like a text message along with details of the transaction
Send Money
Open WhatsApp
Open the chat with the receiver
Click on the attachment icon at the bottom of the screen
From the list of options available, click on Payment
Once the WhatsApp Payments feature is set up, a user will need to enter the amount to be sent
Click on Next
WhatsApp will confirm the receiver and the bank account from which the money is to be sent
Click on Send Payment
Enter UPI Pin on the screen that appears to complete the transaction

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